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The addition of pigment dispersant turns out to have so many benefits

Updated: 2020-10-19

Problems encountered in the production of pigments and the processing involved in the industry:

1. The pigment is easy to flocculate and easy to settle;

2. Large raw material particles will cause damage to the printing plate;

3. The pigment has poor wettability and cannot replace the moisture and air in the pigment particles;

4. Due to the uneven dispersion of the pigment, it affects the coloring power of the ink and the brightness after drying.

The benefits of adding pigment dispersants:

1. Destroy the flocs in the paint;

2. Improve the fluidity, coverage, rheology and color development of the ink;

3. Make the pigment dispersion more uniform, improve the chroma and gloss of the product;

4. Improve the wettability of the pigment, and smoothly replace the air and moisture between the particles through the wet powder;

5. Disperse large raw material particles and small particles, which will not cause damage to the scraper or blockage during the printing process.

Characteristics of pigment dispersant:

1. Good dispersibility, simple and convenient to use, less dosage;

2. Effectively speed up the project progress and improve production efficiency;

3. Good dispersibility, simple and convenient to use, less dosage;

4. Easily soluble in water, with alkali resistance and high temperature performance, less foam.